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The Simply Explosion Maker (SEM) is a really simple program to create graphical explosions for your 2D games. It is not a high definiton partikel engine with blabla anything. No, it is only a simple and easy to use tool. Ideal for beginners they search a quick and clean solution.

3 simple samples

2003 i wrote this little tool because i need a view explosion for a game that i made. I never had the illusion that this tool at one day will be used to create a XBox 360 Game. But...take a look at that XBOX 360 Homebrew & F14 XNA Scroller

  • Create animations from 32x32 up to 400x400 Pixel with maximum 100 frames.
  • 6 preinstalled free gradients.
  • You can easy add new gradients.
  • Adjustable backgroundcolor.
  • Animated preview with FPS (frames per second) adjustment.
  • Simple and intuitiv to use.
  • Graphical User Interface.
  • The animation will saved as a BMP-File (AnimImage) ideal for BlitzBasic users.
  • Including a help file which explains the use of the program and the creating of the effect (behind the scenes).
  • Setupprogram.

    System requirements:
  • Windows Operating System (tested under Windows 98 and Windows XP)
  • DirectX min. v7.0

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